Meet the Men Behind the Mic



Meet Brad Krysko, the most volatile host of the Winged Wheel Podcast. Almost always annoyingly happy, he has the remarkable ability to spiral into incredibly coherent fits of misery and despair.


Brad’s specialties are prospects and player scouting, as well as speaking for unholy amounts of time. He also boasts the highest kids-per-60 on the podcast.



Ryan Hana, while having no children of his own, has somehow taken the throne of the “Dad” host on the Winged Wheel Podcast. He can often be found rubbing his temples and muttering “I’m going to have to edit that out…”


Aside from being the chairman of the “Bring Yzerman Home” committee, Ryan is digging into hockey analytics, for no other reason than to be able to use the “Hanalytics” pun.



Evan Lobsinger. The man, the myth, the legend. No, seriously. We sometimes don’t know whether Evan is real or if he was just a weird fever dream conspired in Brad’s basement.


Aside from looking like a mix between Shea Weber and Ben Affleck, Evan is a talented golfer and Clash of Clans connoisseur. He majored in Mathematics and does not apply it to hockey analytics in the slightest.

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