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Announcing: Wings Money on the Board (in benefit of the Jamie Daniels Foundation)

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Hey Gang!

As you know, we are partnered with the Jamie Daniels Foundation, an incredible organization dedicated to ending the stigma of Substance Use Disorder and providing support to those in need. The foundation was created in memory of Jamie Daniels by Jamie's father & Red Wings Lead Announcer, Ken Daniels, and Jamie's mother, Lisa Daniels-Goldman.

Recently, we, along with Prashanth Iyer, have been working on a way for the Detroit Red Wings community to better offer our support, and what better way than to tie in the excitement of Red Wings hockey and turn it into supporting an awesome cause? Now presenting:

It works like this:

1. Go to the "Wings Money on the Board" pledge form (click here!). Tell us who you are (your email is only used to remind you of your pledge & deliver prizes - you won't be contacted for any other reason)

2. Pick the players and parameters of your pledge (ex. "$1 for every Dylan Larkin point; $53 for Seider's first goal; $0.10 for every Nedeljkovic save;" etc.)

  • Be sure to select whether you're pledging for the whole season or a special, one-off game (that has its own prizes and rewards! The first such one-off game is Nov. 13th vs MTL!

3. Reply or Quote Tweet @WingedWheelPod on Twitter & let us know your pledge & its progress (using #WingsMotB)

4. When it comes time to make your pledge (either end of season OR after one-off pledge games [more info to follow], make your donation through the Wings Money on the Board fundraising site (click here!), and send us a screenshot of it!

Aside from creating some more fun while watching Red Wings hockey & supporting an excellent cause, there are tons of prizes & giveaways in it for you too!

We're going to be giving away things like WWP stickers & swag packs, shirts, & more to everyone who pledges and donates, based on the amount! We're also going to be doing major giveaways at the end of the season and for one-off games, including: jerseys, memorabilia, meet & greets, & more!

Our goal is $20,000 pledged and donated to the Jamie Daniels foundation across all initiatives by the end of the 2021/2022 season - can you help us achieve this?

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